Ekohome's signature EKOCEL bedlinen. Woven with 1,000 thread count of natural plant fibre, it gets softer and more comfortable with every wash. EKOCEL bed sheets comes with anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It also fits up to 40cm of mattress height and comes with an all-around elastic band for a good fit.

Our EKOCEL collection is suitable for adults and kids. You may purchase this bedlinen as a fitted sheet set, quilt cover set, pillow case, or bolster case.


  • Natural plan fibre (very similar to 100% cotton)

Eco-friendly, sustainable and most importantly, organic and soft. These are usually considered to be healthy bed sheets due to the mere fact that they have a breathable fabric and there are no external chemicals involved in the manufacturing process.

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